Vehicle Reception 

When  you bring your car to us, Our certified customer advisers will be waiting for you. You will decide together about what should be done by telling your requests,  you will have advance information about the price and you will deliver your vehicle as soon as possible by setting your appointments. If you wish during your vehicle maintenance / repair, you can receive informations on spare parts, your guarantee process and much more.

Customer Relations 

All our effort is to resolve your complaint as soon as possible and in a healthy way. We are ready to listen to you and create solutions, we are trying to raise even more your satisfaction with all our possibilities. You can contact our responsible customer relations for all requests, criticisms and suggestions.

Periodic Maintenance

You should take care your Isuzu car. We are waiting you to our service to be longevity of your vehicle and to give driving pleasure always. We add value to the value of your vehicle with periodic maintenance done in our service.

Mechanical Repairs

We carry out maintenance and tests about aerial parts and suspension system of your car with our latest technology devices.  Your are at the right place for your transmission, engine and other process. While We are working on your vehicle, you watch your car in our waiting room by taking your breakfast, feel the difference of Koçaslanlar service. 

Due Diligence of Used Vehicle

You would decide to buy 2nd hand car trough another firm, not Koçaslanlar and you would like to know  status of vehicle. We give this services with our staff specially prepared. Customer Advisors will advise you.


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Vehicle Reception 


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