Bosch Car Service gives maintenance, repair and damage to every brand and model vehicle in 200 points in Turkey. The staff of Bosch Car Services are educated at Bosch Education Centers and they attend to the certification program. The training that includes all services needed for a vehicle is provided with theoretical and practical applications. The service equipment, testing equipment and technical software requirements of  Bosch Car Services are  provided by Bosch and they are configured to be able to provide the fastest way for  the most accurate diagnosis of a vehicle.  Every Bosch Car Service act with the aim of offering the fastest and most economical solution to its customers safely.

Bosch Car Service can serve all brand vehicles, with a single central contract with Bosch done by  fleet firms, they can take service with same price with the same quality and reliable service assurance in all places in Turkey. Bosch Car Service particularly structured on testing and repair, so they can provide alternative economic solutions.

Many administrative workload experienced by the fleet today is carried out with the support of the Bosch Center with special services offered to fleet firms.  All invoices, work orders and processes such as approval processes are supervised in the management of our center so  we support the fleet firms about both administrative as well as economic.  On the other hand with  this system, we provide fleets to meet easily with experts.

For vehicles in the warranty process which consists of the majority of the fleet of company vehicles, it identify the rules by *2005/4 Notification and Instructions of Vertical Agreements in the Motor Vehicle Sector and Exemption Relating to Concerted Actions. This notification legally protects the rights of car owners that you have an ongoing guarantee when  you make a your car maintenance in Bosch Car Service for not associated with the maintenance but for production errors caused by automobile manufacturers. If you encounter a problem stemming from the periodic maintenance, Bosch Car Service are covered in the warranty process of victimization of car owners, for other defective products without vehicle manufacturer warranty intact , their rights continue according to this notification.  In a nutshell, when you make your car maintenance at Bosch Car Service, the guarentee of your car won’t be  cancelled.


*2005/4 Notification and Instructions of Vertical Agreements in the Motor Vehicle Sector and Exemption Relating to Concerted Actions


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