Last year, Isuzu has become a leader at its region by increasing the truck-van and pick-up market share. As BAV Inc. under the Koçaslanlar Group, it is so important to provide smoothly giving sales and after-sales services at plaza in Ovaakça. We keep after-sales customer satisfaction always in the forefront. As BAV Inc., with the awareness of the seriousness of the services that we provide, we serve to our customers at our sales and after-sales service points according to the our customers needs.

 Perhaps the most important of  pioneering topics of Anadolu Isuzu is to create customer satisfaction in Turkish automotive sector. Since its establishment, Anadolu Isuzu care about the quality in production, sales and after sales understanding, and stands out with its durability, long engine life, fuel economy and 2nd hand value,  offers much more comfortable, enjoyable and safe driving experience both in nature and city  with muscular design compatible with the performance and power.

  • D-MAX which is pioneering with 2,5 litre engine, 163 hp, 400 Nm torque characteristics; is also pioneering with characteristics of ABS-EBS-TCS and 6 airbags in pick-up world.
  • NPR serie which is in truck class; is preferred with its caracteristiques about more payload capacity, better traction, less fuel consumption and better durability.
  • NLR and NNR series which are truck group; can move easily even in the narrow streets thanks to its exceptional maneuverability. They meets consumer needs any kind of load and volume with in some models from 3 m to 4.3 m with varying frame sizes.  
  • Isuzu which has taken place in toruism and urban public transport sectors, provide a high level of comfort with bus models for both users as well as to passengers. Models with lower fuel and maintenance costs adds to earnings gain and are preferred thanks to its interial comfort design and safety driving technique.

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Last year, Isuzu has become a leader »

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