B.A.V. INC. which has started out with an innovative, creative and flexible approach and with the mission of finding solutions in the field of freight transport, aims to deliver to consumers highest product quality for customers with the most appropriate selling price in the shortest time.

BAV INC. which has created a proper management system with its employees, suppliers and sales team,   has won the confidence of the sector in a short time with the quality on customer relationships, products, services and management approach and this confidence is not damaged at all for years.

“Quality, Reasonable Price, Service Conception Focused on Customer Satisfaction are in B.A.V…”


As BAV INC., about the quality of products and services that we offer, our vision is to keep always the confidence for our customers and stand by all our customers from past to future


Our mission is to provide the continuation in product quality and our service approach for our customers, to give best price in shortest time, ensure both providing vehicle for our customers with customer satisfaction policy and also bringing together  with reliable business partners.


B.A.V. INC. which has started»

We believe that we are a family rathe»

Bursa Ağır Vasıta A.Ş.
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