DAF Trucks has become a preferable brand in almost every area with its investments and operating costs of transport performance; reliability and durability, comfort and driving characteristics. It offers an excellent workmanship compatible with large internal volume. Thanks to the its  12.9-liter PACCAR MX engine with SCR DeNOx technology, It complies with Euro 4 and Euro 5 exhaust emission standards. Low fuel consumption is supporting the cost of operating in all models. DAF CF Series has a compact external cab dimensions which  gives excellent maneuverability in tight spaces. As single and double, there are three and four-axle configurations. DAF Design Center, while maintaining the eye-catching line of successful XF95,  provide to XF105 attractive and unique view. BAV INC. which  is in a strong position in its area, increases its market share rapidly in its region with  DAF tractor sales and after-sales services.


DAF Trucks has become a preferable br»

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